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Intelligent automation solutions

Artificial intelligence software

The cognitive capabilities of artificial intelligence software lift enterprise automation to a new level. Through self-learning capabilities that leverage natural language processing (NLP) and other cognitive capabilities, our intelligent automation experts implement solutions that rules-based automation can’t support. We’ll help you discover powerful insights about your enterprise operations and your customer base.

Artificial intelligence solutions

Artificial intelligence by Client Solutions

Technology solutions for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Digital assistant & virtual agent

Combine the functionality of chatbots with the cognitive capabilities offered by AI. From scheduling to voice messaging to email extractions, we implement digital assistant and virtual agent technologies to enhance both your user and customer service experience along with your day-to-day enterprise operations. These emerging technologies enable more agile and scalable ways of working while keeping your organisation future-ready.

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Artificial intelligence

NLP & semantics

Equip automated systems and robotic processes with the ability to understand and even manipulate human language. Our natural language process & semantics solutions empower enterprise technologies with the ability to understand and engage in ever more complex human interactions—even when dealing with unstructured data. Improve your user and customer experience while greatly expanding the limits of automation within your organisation.

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Intelligent Automation for the Enterprise

Ebook - Powering up today’s enterprise: How Analytics and AI combine to build the business of tomorrow
Intelligent automation (IA) is where automation and artificial intelligence (AI) converge. The self-learning capabilities of AI, combined with the flexibility of robotics, enables organisations to create intelligent, end-to-end automation strategies. In this ebook, you can discover how IA can drive your business beyond efficiency factors and adapt seamlessly to change.

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Intelligent automation services

Services that support intelligent automation

Intelligent automation isn’t as simple as implementing a single solution. To fully leverage the value of this technology, enterprise organisations need strategic, engineering and data management services that enable and optimise the full IA lifecycle. Our intelligent automation services ensure your organisation’s ability to embrace emerging technology and seamlessly adapt to change.

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