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Service management solutions

AI & automation

Reduce data errors, improve business speed and performance, and cut IT service costs all at once. Through artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent automation (IA), our service management technology practice implements IT solutions that overhaul legacy systems to improve productivity and the end user experience – even as you scale.

AI & automation solutions

Service management automation solution

Solutions for AI & automation

AI and automation

Cognitive service management

Leverage cognitive technologies to achieve greater performance, efficiency, and agility in your IT service management. With our cognitive service management solutions, our business technologists implement AI and other cognitive technologies to harness next-generation processing that streamlines workflows, expands automation, revolutionises people-centric experiences and optimises your entire IT service management environment.

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AI and automation

Machine learning

Simplify service management through intelligent tools that identify patterns and learn from experience. Our business technologists will implement machine learning solutions to equip your enterprise with tools that learn from experience. As you manage your IT services environment, machine learning adapts its own decision-making to align with your preferences and practices, increasing its value to your enterprise over time.

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AI and automation


Also known as virtual agents, chatbots provide an automated, AI-powered point of user and customer engagement. We help your enterprise implement intelligent chatbots to automate menial and repetitive ITSM tasks—improving your internal resource utilisation, making it easy for people to resolve issues fast and improving your people-experience.

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Client success stories

Innovating IT service management for Ireland’s leading enterprises

Transformation is more than adopting new applications and technology for your enterprise. Client Solutions works with some of the best-known brands in Ireland to drive performance and value through integrated, automated IT service management.
Three Ireland

Helping Three to digitally transform their ITSM Service

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Client Solutions’ knowledge of ITSM, the openness of our relationship with them and the collaborative approach played a major role in ensuring this was a successful transformation. Helix has been a big success and we are seeing new possibilities open up since it was deployed

Jason Sheehan IT Operations Manager, Three Ireland
PFH Technology Group

Delivering customer service excellence for PFH

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The ServiceNow platform implemented by Client Solutions is delivering cost and efficiency benefits to PFH. It allows PFH to deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction and service innovation, while enabling future growth in an efficient cost effective manner.

Karl Howley Chief Operations Officer, PFH Technology Group
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Leaving legacy IT is easier than you think

ServiceNow: Leaving legacy IT is easier than you think

Having “better, faster, cheaper” ITSM capabilities is a great win for any organization. But you’ll need more than efficient and effective support of service management processes to thrive in today’s world. Find out how we employ the ServiceNow Implementation Methodology in our ebook.

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Service management services

Services that support innovative IT service management

Legacy IT service management can no longer meet the needs of modern businesses as they grow and scale. From strategy to implementation, our managed IT services innovate on legacy systems and services through ongoing support across the full service management lifecycle.

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Want to know more about our other technology practices and managed IT services? Browse our collection of blog posts, news releases, eBooks and webinars to see how we connect infrastructure transformation to improved business outcomes.