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Data Insights solutions

Data engineering & platforms

Produce available and usable data from complex data structures. Our data engineering team leverages the latest platforms and technologies to structure, process, and refine your enterprise data. This enables your enterprise data to flow while providing value-added insights that transform your business decision-making and unlock new competitive advantages.

Data engineering & platforms solutions

Data engineering solution

Solutions for data engineering & platforms

Data engineering subsolutions

Data architecture

Adopt a modern data architecture to drive real business results. Empower your enterprise through highly secure, fluid and accessible data. An upgraded data architecture gives your enterprise the necessary framework to connect and operationalise complex and fragmented data. Turn better data into better business decisions.

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Data engineering subsolutions

Data warehouses

As a critical system of record in your data architecture, data warehouses serve as central repositories that stabilise your enterprise data and enable effective data governance. We help clients implement integrated data warehouses that improve data analytics and strategic decision-making.

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Data engineering subsolutions

Data modelling

Enterprise data modelling enables new, powerful approaches to generating insights and value from structured data. Let our design experts deploy the latest data modelling techniques to optimise your data repositories and enable self-service analytics—even when faced with complex, disparate data sets.

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Data engineering subsolutions

Data migration

In the course of transforming or upgrading your data infrastructure, data migration is required to consolidate data repositories and optimise multi-cloud data storage and management. Our data migration solutions ensure secure database, application, storage and business process migration to deliver your enterprise data into the right place.

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Data engineering subsolutions

Data integration

Enterprise data integration must be built not only for today’s business needs, but also to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Our custom data integration frameworks and solutions combine scalability and stability with simple maintenance needs; delivering a single, unified view of your data that will stand the test of time.

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Data engineering subsolutions

Data quality

Valuable data is high-quality data. Through a rigorous quality assurance process, we implement processes and protocols throughout the data lifecycle. Our structured checks and balances ensure quality for even the most complex enterprise data, giving your business data-driven insights you can trust.

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Data engineering subsolutions

Data automation & Intelligent services

Through machine learning and other advanced statistical techniques, we can identify hidden trends in your enterprise data. Our data automation services deliver insights with speed, consistency and reliability—while also reducing time-consuming manual tasks and human error. This enables fast, informed decision-making for your organisation.

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Client success stories

Transforming value of data for Ireland’s leading enterprises

From building a new data architecture to delivering data-driven insights with speed and precision, our data engineering solutions turn IT infrastructure into better business outcomes.
Mediolanum Investment Funds

Delivering an enterprise data platform for Mediolanum’s rapidly growing business.

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Tallaght Hospital

Improving patient safety standards with state of the art data analytics

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Tallaght University Hospital will use the data that is now collated in one central location to drive better patient experiences and outcomes. It’s a big step in bringing us closer to the development of a Care Command Centre.

David Wall Director of ICT, Tallaght University Hospital

A master data management solution to support Ryanair’s marketing strategy

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RDMA is proving useful because it provides a robust framework for master data management upon which solutions can be developed quickly in a straightforward manner. These solutions can subsequently be rolled out to end users with ease as the interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

Michael Mouire Head of Data and Analytics, Ryanair
IPB Insurance

Developing a strategic data management program for IPB Insurance

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The strategy delivered by Client Solutions provided a road map of the data dependent capabilities that IPB is committed to navigating in order to achieve the desired business transformation.

Partner insights

Power up your Enterprise with Azure

Ebook - Powering up today’s enterprise: How Analytics and AI combine to build the business of tomorrow

Discover exactly how much value Microsoft Azure and Power BI can bring to your organisation. Our consultants are here to outline exactly where you can gain competitive advantage, operational efficiency and improved performance.

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Data insights services

Services that will transform the value of your data

Enterprise transformation isn’t an isolated, one-time project. To transform the value of your data both now and in the future, your business needs strategic and managed services that enable ongoing change and support the full data management lifecycle.
Client Solutions - Strategic Advisory services

Strategic advisory

Leverage strategic guidance across the entire data management lifecycle, maximising the value of your data insights. Set new performance benchmarks through enterprise end-user education and adoption.
Client Solutions | Data engineering

Managed services

Optimise data solutions performance while scaling your data infrastructure. From cloud migration to resource augmentation, managed services enforce quality and predictability in your IT infrastructure.

Tech insights

Data resources & insights

Want to know more about our other technology practices and managed IT services? Browse our collection of blog posts, news releases, eBooks and webinars to see how we connect infrastructure transformation to improved business outcomes.