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Client Solutions leverages the Snowflake platform to enable clients to eliminate their data silos and run their workloads from a single platform. Our experience in developing data and digital transformation strategies for Irish enterprises makes us an excellent partner of choice to deliver the level of expertise required to harness the power of Snowflake’s platform.

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Our Snowflake technology expertise

Much like Client Solutions’ own Data Insights offering; the Snowflake Data Cloud serves a wide range of technology areas; including data integration, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and security & governance. The platform also enables a wide variety of workloads and applications on any cloud.

“Client Solutions’ reputation and experience on data management in the Irish market is second to none”

Julien Alteirac, Regional Vice President UK&I, Snowflake
Key benefits

Key business benefits of the Snowflake platform

Build and drive your business forward with data so users at all levels and with varying expertise can make data-driven decisions. Minimise the administration effort and time it takes to gain insights, promote collaboration and develop new revenue streams.


Faster time to insights
With shorter data pipelines and faster query response times, analysts are more productive and efficient.

Single source of truth
Data stored in one Snowflake repository ensures that users are looking at the correct data

Explore new use cases
Better performance and ease of use encourages users to create new use cases, reports, dashboards, etc.

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Democratisation of data
All types of data (structured and semi-structured) are available to anyone who needs it.

Promote collaboration through data sharing
Teams can securely share data within and outside of the organisation.

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Minimal admin effort for IT, zero downtime
Frees IT resources to work on other projects

Flexible for evolving businesses
Pay for what you use; available in multiple clouds; compliments data lake strategy

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Snowflake demo

Learn how to easily and securely store, integrate, and analyze data with near-infinite scalability, enabled automatically or on the fly. Join our weekly 45-minute demos with product experts who will showcase key Snowflake features and answer questions live from the audience. Experts will guide you through how Snowflake enables:

  • Data warehouse modernization
  • Modern data lakes
  • Secure data sharing
  • Modern data application development
  • Integrated data engineering
  • Advanced data science

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Client success stories

Transforming the value of data for Ireland’s enterprises

From building a data strategy to harnessing the value of data analytics, we turn data insights into better business outcomes.
IPB Insurance

Tech insights

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Helping clients gain business advantage and competitive edge is what we are all about in Client Solutions. We keep on top of industry news and market trends and regularly publish articles and ebooks that address the challenges that surface. Feel free to browse through our Snowflake resources below.