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Con el que seguramente es el equipo de consultoría de SAP de España mejor cualificado, estás en buenas manos Cuando desas que tus proyectos y las soluciones de SAP se realicen correctamente, no encontrarás un socio local mejor equipado para satisfacer las necesidades de tu empresa. Nuestras diferencia: la conjunción de 3 factores Nuestras certificaciones de garantía de calidad. Nuestros más de 20 años de experiencia en proyectos de nivel empresarial. PCoE; centro de experiencia de socios certificados de SAP

SAP-application managed service

Improve your customer & user experience with

Application managed service

Ensure your SAP enterprise applications will stand the test of time. Our SAP consultants provide an ongoing, all-inclusive application managed service designed to keep your SAP applications running optimally, securely and with the ability to scale over time. As your business needs and challenges evolve, our SAP application managed service future-proofs applications for business resilience, agility and change.
Application managed services we deliver:
  • AMS
  • Functional support

Optimise and maintain performance with our

Managed services

Ensure availability and optimised performance for your mission-critical SAP systems. Our SAP managed services provide proactive maintenance, risk mitigation, SAP database management, and other key services to keep your SAP systems firing on all cylinders. We supply your enterprise with specialist SAP expertise to unlock the full value of SAP systems and solutions over time.
Managed services we deliver:
  • SAP solution manager service
  • Infrastructure, database, tech support
Automation solution delivery
SAP project implementation services

Connect and transform operations with our

Project implementation services

Whether you’re implementing a single SAP solution or a full SAP business technology system, streamlined integration saves time and money while accelerating your time to value. As a Certified Approved Partner Centre of Expertise, we undertake structured SAP systems and solutions implementation to leverage proven best practices and an iterative approach. Let us help your business lay the foundation for long-term enterprise resilience and performance.

Client success stories

Innovating SAP solutions for Ireland’s leading enterprises

SAP solutions enable tech-driven optimisation, performance and change for some of the world’s biggest brands. As the only Irish Certified Approved Partner Centre of Expertise, we partner with some of the biggest brands in Ireland to help them realise the full value of SAP ERP.
Client Solutions | Sinead Hickey
“SAP solutions help eliminate manual processes and improve the quality of your data insights through efficient business workflows. At Client Solutions, thanks to our unique SAP capability in Ireland, our premier team of consultants, our experience and our longevity in the market, we can lead or support your in-house team with best practice advice and business-line expertise on SAP implementation.”
Sinead Hickey
Head of SAP solutions Practice

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