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Hospital analytics outcomes

Delivering better patient outcomes

Client Solutions’ Hospital Analytics can help organisations bring together clinical, financial, and operational data to determine the efficiency of processes, the utilisation of resources and the effectiveness of operations to deliver better patient outcomes.

Business outcomes for hospitals:

  • Facilitates the delivery of better patient outcomes
  • Improves the quality and accuracy of decision making
  • Hospitals have ownership and governance of their data 
  • Addresses regulatory needs
  • Prevents non-compliance through real-time insights
  • Enables the ability to identify trends & track performance metrics
  • Provides a scalable future proof data platform
  • Delivers consistent analysis of complex, disparate multi-disciplinary data
  • Simple to use application built on a proven data model accessible on laptop, tablet & mobile

Features & benefits

Data driven decision making has never been so urgent and critical

Our healthcare data analytics solution provides comprehensive hospital performance insight and predictive analytics and allows management and the executive team to analyse complex data and drill down to make informed critical decisions. Designed for scale, simplicity and governance, data is centralised into an easy-to-use application built on a proven data model accessible by the business users through their device of choice.

Care analysis

Patient care analysis helps understand patient demographics across multiple dimensions, e.g. age group, admission type (public/private), intended management, specialties and consultants.


Analysis of inpatient and day case hospital activity, helps identify and plan for seasonal capacity fluctuations and unforeseen circumstances. It also provides detailed analysis on the cause and originator of appointment cancellations.

Waiting Lists

Insights into waiting lists help hospitals understand demand through different specialties and plan capacity accordingly to ensure that waiting lists are of an appropriate size. Our platform provides analysis of wait-times, overall patient experience from registration to closure of episodes and quality indicators, such as patient re-attendance and re-admittance.

Theatre utilisation

Theatre utilisation targets performance and monitoring analysis of any root cause impact.

A&E care

Analyse wait-times and quality indicators, such as patient re-attendance and re-admittance and the overall patient experience from registration to closure of episodes and throughout all the various stages.

Bed management

It’s critical to understand the length of stay, utilisation and availability of beds within a hospital. With our solution it is easy to calculate the ALOS (average length of stay) by directorate, specialty and consultant, which can be analysed alongside discharges. It can also be analysed/filtered by age group, admission source or type and discharge outcome.
Client success stories

Transforming the value of data for Ireland’s enterprises

From building a data strategy to harnessing the value of data analytics, we turn data insights into better business outcomes.
Tallaght University Hospital
IPB Insurance

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