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How to make the most of Microsoft 365 delegated administration

March 22, 2021
Software development

Microsoft 365 delegated administration helps boost efficiency and mitigate risk by limiting admin privileges. Do you know what M365 can do? Here are the 3 key points to make the most of it:

1. Grouping Users and Assigning Regional Administration

Segmenting common users into a group by using specific filters (such as regions or departments) allows you to remotely assign a regional manager or administrator of a group to monitor and manage it. This way, only the administrator will have access to operate, delegate, and perform updates for their assigned group. You can also decide what members will be part of each list/group.

2. Customizing Admin Permissions for Regional Management

You can create the specific set of permissions that you want to assign to a regional administrator (reports, actions, members and activity management, passwords…) through the CoreView portal.


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3. Secure Delegation – No M365 Admin Rights Involved.

With CoreView, a service account performs all the actions requested through the UI. So, your overall user community is secure.

Some successful examples:

  • Save money and time by delegating functions to advanced users – advanced users can manage password resetting and unlock accounts, which are the main queries from clients and take time and unnecessary costs. By doing so, you will gain a lot more efficiency and save resources!
  • HR Managers can create new user accounts – since there is a lot of movement in the IT industry, new user accounts need to be created and provisioned constantly. With the Delegated Administration, HR departments can manage the creation of new users after hiring new staff.
  • License Management available for an assigned user – with Virtual Tenants you can give permission and assign licenses to users for them to manage specific reports or data. Delegates can also reassign license management to other users. This helps having more control over licenses and their use.

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