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Intelligent automation services

Automation solutions are designed to increase their enterprise value over time. Our Intelligent Automation services facilitate intelligent end-to-end automation strategies to magnify efficiency and deploy the right tools in the right places. By leveraging these emerging technologies from implementation to long-term optimisation, your enterprise can drive business beyond efficiency and adapt seamlessly to change.
Proof of concepts

Design & implement innovative tech with our

Proof of concepts

Lay the foundation for successful intelligent automation adoption through proof of concepts to demonstrate IA implementation plans. Our business technologists give stakeholders the chance to evaluate design and insights before a full-scale implementation of the IA journey. The goal is to improve program visibility, facilitate collaboration, and assess the potential success of the technology.

Align innovation & business goals with our

IA/Automation strategic advisory

While proof of concepts take a collaborative approach to planning out IA design, our strategic advisory service works with stakeholders to align Intelligent Automation with business goals. Using either a reactive approach to focus on your operational processes or a proactive approach to focus on your technology operating model, this advisory process ensures that IA investments will create value that directly serves the business outcomes prioritised by your enterprise.
Automation strategic advisory
Intelligent automation workshops

Enable company-wide automation with our

Discovery & re-engineering workshops

Once IA implementation plans are aligned with business outcomes, our consultants lead discovery & re-engineering workshops to ensure technical alignment of IA functions with business operations. Through careful planning and connection of IA processes to the user experience, we deliver more agile ways of working while automating processes at scale—and across every business function.

Seamlessly upgrade your IT environment with our

IA/Automation solution delivery

As you plan out IA implementation within your IT environment, IA performance is dependent on your ability to leverage your existing IT technology. Our automation solution delivery service builds custom architectures and other technology infrastructures to ensure a seamless fit of intelligent automation solutions within your technology stack.
Automation solution delivery
IA resource augmentation

Leverage specialised skill sets with our

Specialist resource augmentation

IA technologies can be incredibly complex both as standalone solutions, and as larger components of your enterprise IT environment. Our specialist resource augmentation service connects your business to IA specialists capable of providing strategic advice, project management, implementation support, and running IA maintenance and optimisation programmes. No matter how specialised your IA needs may be, we’ll equip you with talent and other resources to get the job done.
Declan Ballantyne | Client Solutions
“Client Solutions has recognised the value of intelligent automation solutions for a long time but the barrier to entry for our clients has always been implementation. We provide the expert guidance needed to seamlessly integrate Intelligent Automation that supports their business goals”
Declan Ballantyne
Head of Intelligent Automation Practice

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