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Intelligent automation solutions

Stop looking ahead. The future is now.

Intelligent automation solutions are designed to empower end-to-end business process automation that transforms every aspect of enterprise operations. As existing business processes are improved, IA can also be used to design new, more efficient, and more sustainable ways of working.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Don’t task your human workforce with mundane, often repetitive tasks. RPA solutions take a rules-based approach to managing structured data and repetitive processes, delivering automation while supporting communication and data-sharing across the entire enterprise environment.

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Digital dexterity & digital experience

As your business adopts intelligent automation solutions into its IT infrastructure, these cognitive solutions expand your organisation’s digital dexterity. We assist organisations in implementing new technology practices faster, and with less friction. Through pattern identification and predictive analytics, we help enterprise organisations improve their decision modelling.
Solutions: Decision Modelling & Predictive Analytics
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AI and automation

AI and automationArtificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent automation (IA) can drastically reduce errors and expenses by replacing manual tasks with automated processes. Our service management technology practice can logically and seamlessly apply these new technologies at scale for large, complex organisations.
Solutions: Digital Assistant & Virtual Agent, NLP & Semantics
How we harness the power of AI

Declan Ballantyne | Client Solutions
“Client Solutions has recognised the value of intelligent automation solutions for a long time but the barrier to entry for our clients has always been implementation. We provide the expert guidance needed to seamlessly integrate Intelligent Automation that supports their business goals”
Declan Ballantyne
Head of Intelligent Automation Practice

Intelligent automation services

Services that enable intelligent automation

Intelligent automation isn’t a simple plug-and-play business technology. It requires an underlying ecosystem of IT services that provide the necessary infrastructure for cognitive automation. Our intelligent automation framework provides every service your enterprise needs to harness this emerging technology and transform your business processes at scale.

Proof of concepts

Proof of concepts

The proof of concept is a necessary planning stage where stakeholders can evaluate designs and offer feedback prior to development and implementation.

Strategic advisory

Workshops and strategic advisory

Our strategic advisory services and collaborative workshops involve consultation with stakeholders to align intelligent automation with business goals in support of the customer journey

AI and automation

Automation and augmentation

Our network of business intelligence, robotics, AI and machine learning experts ensure the architecture and other supportive technology required to fully leverage IA technology


Our intelligent automation partners

BMC Software

Successful IA architecture is a team effort. To provide our clients with a scalable framework connecting cognitive automation to better business outcomes, we rely on trusted partnerships with best-in-class solutions providers including Microsoft, SAP, and Azure.


Intelligent Automation for the Enterprise

SAP webinar

Intelligent automation (IA) is where automation and artificial intelligence (AI) converge. The self-learning capabilities of AI, combined with the flexibility of robotics, enables organisations to create intelligent, end-to-end automation strategies. In this ebook, you can discover how IA can drive your business beyond efficiency factors and adapt seamlessly to change.

Why we are different

Intelligent automation with an eye on the future

Take it from our quality assurance certifications. Or our 20+ years of enterprise-grade project experience. Or our local presence with a global approach. When it comes to intelligent automation and value-added business transformation, our reputation speaks for itself.

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Local presence

Global approach


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