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What our ISO 27001 certification means for our current & future clients

May 17, 2021
ISO 27001 Certification

At Client Solutions we take our own and our clients’ data protection and security very seriously. Our recent ISO 27001 European certification is a testament to our continued investment in this area. The certification demonstrates that as the Irish Enterprise technology partner of choice Client Solutions considers security and protection at all levels.

1. Quality of service

The certification ensures that our quality policies will continue to drive quality processes and procedures for the benefit of our clients. It also means our teams continue to work to the highest standards to deliver best-in-class solutions.

2. Ongoing commitment

This is not a once off initiative, the ISO 27001 certification means that Client Solutions will carry out twice-yearly surveillance audits with the certifying body.

3. Strong client relationships

We believe that being ISO certified gives our clients and future clients peace of mind when working with us. They know that we put their goals at the heart of everything we do by continuously improving and striving for excellence in our work.

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