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Reference data management

Why is managing reference data important?

Reference data management is essential to avoid major data quality issues that affect reporting, regulatory compliance and transactions that culminate in reputational damage for an organisation and expensive data correction.  In simple terms, errors in reference data will ripple outwards affecting quality of master data, analytics and reporting.

Business outcomes of managing reference data:

  • Empower business users
  • Simplify governance and compliance
  • Remove operational overhead
  • Improve security
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce training times

Features & benefits

No-code application that makes reference data management easy

RDMA is a no-code browser-based application  tool for business users. It features a single interface to enable controlled access to view and manage reference data across all databases within an organisation.  This solution eliminates the manual effort and involvement of IT and ensures reports are accurate and available in a timely manner.
RDMA Client Solutions


In-line data editing
Allow changes to be made quickly & accurately

Simplified multi-edit functionality

Advanced search
Simplified search enables a Google style search to be performed across all data for the selected table

RDMA Client Solutions


User interface
Fully responsive User Interface that maximises available real estate and improves user navigation

Table and column aliases are used to enable more business friendly table and column names to be presented to the user

Unlimited maintenance
Any number of tables/servers can be maintained

RDMA Client Solutions


Audit log
Full audit log is maintained and available to administrators. Every change is recorded in the audit log with the user, date, time, old-value and new-value stored.

Access log
Full access log to be maintained which records all system logins/logouts.

Client Solutions products

Data quality

Referential integration
Supports database referential integrity i.e. lookups e.g. currency country to ensure data integrity is maintained

Granular access control
Access to information controllable at a server/database/table level. Users have full update access to one or more of insert, update, delete access.

IA resource augmentation

Easy and seamless integration with your existing systems

Our solution is database independent and can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems – it supports all major commercial or open source databases/versions. Multiple different relational database management systems (RDBMS) and versions may be maintainable from one instance of RDMA and it supports single sign-on to multiple databases via Active Directory or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

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