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Return-to-Work platform

Responding to ‘new normal’ expectations

With economies and offices reopening with a phased Return-to-Work roadmap, organisations need to ensure they have the systems in place to safeguard employees’ health, comply with public safety measures and manage the risks to individuals and to our businesses.

Business outcomes of managing your return to work:

  • Pre-return work processes and procedures
  • Health status updates
  • Contact log and group working
  • Track and Trace enabled
  • Communication and notification management
  • Compliance and mitigation protocols enabled

Features & benefits

Monitor, track & protect employee & customer well-being

Learn more about how our Return-to-Work enterprise compliance platform helps businesses to monitor, track & protect employee & customer well-being and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the business.
Return to work Client Solutions

Return protocol

The Return-to-Work platform enables you to manage and record pre-return work procedures to allow healthy employees to return to work safely.
Return to work Client Solutions

Health status

By providing a shared platform between employees and employers, you empower employees to notify the company of their health status and if they are developing any symptoms of concern.
Return to work Client Solutions

Track and Trace

This details the staged response to address suspected COVID-19 cases. Contact logging of employee proximity and group/team contacts also help accelerate the contact tracing process.
Return to work Client Solutions


The platform records all COVID-19 company and individual employee communications.
This delivers an immediate business solution to manage mandatory and compliant “Return to work safety” protocols.

Best practice protocols

Work safely protocols from the government

Work safely protocols from Client Solutions

Best practice protocols

Work safely protocols from the government

Employers need to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers by carefully planning and organising the new working environment. They need systems in place to manage and monitor the health, movement and contact tracing in line with the Government’s “Return to work safely” protocol, as outlined in the downloadable PDF linked below.

Download Work Safely Protocol

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