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Employee engagement

Removing barriers for better UX and employee engagement

Making Microsoft SharePoint practical takes time and money, experienced technical resources and highly skilled UX designers. ShareStart removes these barriers allowing you to simplify and speed up the development of your intranet and deliver an experience that reflects your company’s brand and culture.

Business outcomes of ShareStart:

  • Optimised user experiences
  • Simplified content and file management
  • Maximised productivity
  • Development costs eliminated
  • Increased ROI from Office365

Features & benefits

Accelerate your SharePoint productivity and implementation

Accelerate & simplify your SharePoint implementation with ShareStart. Create a fully configurable homepage based on your company’s colours and styles with multiple UI/UX options so that you can accurately reflect your company’s brand and culture. Alphabetical directories can also be configured by users to create, store and manage documents, files, and folders with consummate ease.


We have removed the need for experienced technical resources, highly skilled UX designers, and the need for excessive time and money expenditure, to rapidly deliver an improved intranet experience. Pre-built and easily edited homepage layouts get you up and running quickly.


Content can be edited to reflect your brand and culture and to maximise user engagement from the homepage. You can personalise all content panels, adding features like carousels, social feeds and events calendars to engage with your employees on a contemporary and branded website experience.


The ShareStart employee directory component allows you to easily search, find and update staff profiles, keeping employee information up-to-date and improving company communication.


The Analytics dashboard supports you in driving engagement by analysing user interaction with your content. Tailor your intranet to engage users and enhance the digital journey with the ShareStart analytics component.

File management

Never lose a file again. ShareStart also provides an alphabetical directory which organises all your files and documents ensuring that you can easily find the information you need.
ShareStart for SharePoint
ShareStart for SharePoint

Rapidly Deliver an Improved Intranet Experience

With fresh and modern designs that support desktop and mobile access, ShareStart sits on your existing SharePoint infrastructure. Some of the features include rotating carousel, apps bar to bookmark your most used applications, latest news, social feed, events calendar, fast search and an FAQ section. Discover more in our explainer video.

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Client success stories

Helping Irish enterprises with their internal communications

Client Solutions ShareStart for SharePoint platform is helping enterprises improve engagement with their employees through a user-friendly, branded interface built on solid ux principles.


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