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The Future of Data in Digital Transformation

We’ve been spending a lot of time talking about big data, AI and machine learning over the past five years. We are finally at a point, because of cloud computing, because of the algorithms that have been discovered over the last 20 years, and improving connectivity such as 5G and other services, that we actually have a chance to make better decisions.

In order to do that though, organisations have to figure out what is their data strategy, how they’re going to build data driven business models—and more importantly, how much they’re going to invest in the talent that’s required to help them make better decisions.

With the next decade of innovation upon us, MicroStrategy recently sat down with the author Ray Wang to capture his point of view on the future of data in digital
transformation—and the advantages Intelligent Enterprises will have moving forward. We hope you’ll find this Q&A featuring the analyst, author and influencer’s insights a valuable resource for looking ahead and getting there faster.

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